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What do you suggest to use for code coverage on 64-bit environment. It seems that NCover supports 64-bit only in Enterprise version which seems to be quite expensive. Or isn't it? What are people using on 64-bit systems for .NET code coverage?

EDIT: I am aware of the CorFlag workaround. I would like to know what others are doing/using. Are you using something else or are you using NCover (free edition) with CorFlag trick?

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FYI: OpenCover (started 3 years after this question) supports 32 and 64 bit processes on .NET2 and .NET4 platforms (including Silverlight), with branch and sequence coverage. – Shaun Wilde Dec 7 '11 at 21:48

Google found me this:

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Thank you. I am aware of this workaround. I was more trying to find out whether people are using this workaround or something else. But thank you very much for the link. Finally I have a reference I can give to others. :-) – David Pokluda Oct 28 '08 at 4:10
Link seems to be broken. Use this one instead:… – Mauricio Scheffer Jan 10 '09 at 13:52

David, I recently took a look at the open source Part Cover. It too has issues with 64 bit, the work around also being corflag, provided by a Sharp Develop contributor, who package and integrate with Part Cover.

The snk file is in in their SVN repo.

Is NCover Enterprise worth it? I guess only you can really make that decision. There is a 21 day trial. If you can't justify the outlay Part Cover could help you.

It appears that all .NET code coverage tools use c++ packaged as COM. Unless somebody can come up with a managed code implementation, I suspect a 64 bit build will always be required.

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What about .Net Coverage Validator? It works with all version of .Net and works with both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

A managed implementation of a code profiler is not possible (same for Java as well) as then the profiler would instrument itself. Thus all .Net/Java profilers are native unmanaged code written in whatever language you want (although typically C or C++).

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Both the Classic and Complete versions of NCover support 64 bit.

Thank you,

Joe Feser

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See SD C# Test Coverage for a tool that handls 32 bit and 64 bit versions of C# with aplomb.

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I finally found a nice solution. dotCover from JetBrains works well and integrates with Visual Studio and ReSharper. Thanks all for their answers.

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