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Whenever I add the node_modules/ folder to my web server directory, I get an inotify EMFILE error. I have set


both to well over 100,000 and still no luck. I have less than 5000 files & folders in the entire http root directory so I shouldn't be hitting the limit. Is there something specific to the node_modules folder that clashes with other inotify watchers?

Just a bit more info:

  • I'm not using a nodejs server, just using npm as a front-end package manager.
  • Running on Ubuntu 13.10

Thanks in advance.

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The EMFILE error will been triggered by inotify_init() (not by inotify_add_watch() as you may expect).

From man 2 inotify_init:

EMFILE The user limit on the total number of inotify instances has been reached.

The total number of inotify instances is not the number of files and folders being monitored. Normally a monitoring process will create only a single instance for monitoring a certain folder tree.

This means that it seems like on your system are multiple processes (many!) monitoring inotify events in parallel. Seems like a bug where a monitoring process starts itself again, or those processes are spawned by some other erroneous script.

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