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I've got this in mycode:

import static org.easymock.classextension.EasyMock.createMock;
import static org.easymock.classextension.EasyMock.replay;
import static org.easymock.classextension.EasyMock.reset;
import static org.easymock.classextension.EasyMock.verify;


mockMember = createMock(Member.class);

Because I want to tst that the method incrPlayInPlay is called. However, mockMember.incrPlayInPlay is actually calling the method in the concrete class, not setting up the expectations for the mock. What am I doing wrong?

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Derr... The method was defined as final. Silly me. Hope this helps another silly person in the future

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thanks for this - I was a silly person that this helped! – ssloan Dec 21 '11 at 16:53

If you need to, you can mock final methods using PowerMock, which does some on-the-fly bytecode munging to remove the final modifier.

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