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The code from below does not work, and submenu showing on page load, but it suppose to hide. Am I missing something here?

You can see the code at http://jsfiddle.net/x3yJ6/


.menu > li{
    display: inline;

.menu > li{
    display none;

.menu > li:hover ul{
    display: block;


<ul class="menu">
  <li>Item a
    <ul class="submenu">
    <li>SubItem a</li>
        <li>Sub Item b</li>
  <li>Item b</li>
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typo: display none; in your second rule should be display: none; –  Paul Roub Jun 12 at 18:37
and that rule probably wants to be .menu > li ul. Example: jsfiddle.net/x3yJ6/2 –  Paul Roub Jun 12 at 18:38
And i spended 3 mins to find why display none doesn't work :P –  Alex Char Jun 12 at 18:39
Good thing for comments, the question edition was approved when the typo was fixed not by OP. I think this is actually counter intuitive since the original code was changed. Thank you Paul for changing it back –  Huangism Jun 12 at 18:40
I undid that part of the edit. –  Paul Roub Jun 12 at 18:41

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2 Errors:

.submenu > li{
    display: none;
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Change your css with this below code

.menu .submenu{
    display: none;

Updated fiddle

First mistake .menu > li & Second mistake display none;

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