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Just wondering if there is any benchmark software that I can download that will run on both Windows (preferable Windows 7) and Linux (Ubuntu 9.10)? I have a brand new system and I'd like to run some standardized benchmarks with Ubuntu and also with Windows 7. The Passmark Performance test only runs under Windows.

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Is this a programming question? –  Gabe Mar 10 '10 at 18:03

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It depends greatly of what your metric is. "Back then when" we worried more about integer vs floating-point performance the dhrystone test was popular. It will test the 'ecompiler + os' combination, but say nothing about graphics, or disk, or other aspects.

Wikipedia also has number of other open source benchmarks listed you could try.

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Geekbench runs under both Windows and Linux (in addition to Mac OS X and Solaris).

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