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basically I want to delete files from and add files to a jar file which happens to be inside another jar file. Is this possible without completely extracting the jar files and repacking them again?

Would be great, if there is an ant script for that. Thanks!

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Is this possible without completely extracting the jar files and repacking them again?

- for addition / updation : Yes
- for deletion : NO. 
  however, instead of using the manual option, there's an alternative:

 |   |
 |   |__some files..
 |__some files..

addition/deletion to be performed on child.jar

for any operation on child.jar, it will have to be extracted from parent.jar, without exception:

<unjar src="..\abc\parent.jar" dest="..\abc\temp">
    <patternset includes="child.jar"/>

addition/deletion onchild.jar:

--> to add/update files in ..\temp\child.jar from a basedir - temp2.

<zip destfile="..\abc\temp\child.jar" basedir="..\xyz\temp2" update="true"/>

update="true" adds new files and overwrites the ones that are already present within the destfile.

--> to delete files from ..abc\temp\child.jar:

<zip destfile="..\abc\temp\temp_child.jar">
    <zipfileset src="..\abc\temp\child.jar" excludes="files_to_be_deleted" />
<move file="..\abc\temp\temp_child.jar" toFile="..\abc\temp\child.jar"/>    

the modified child.jar can easily be updated into parent.jar: (same as adding/updating files on child.jar)

<zip destfile="..\abc\parent.jar" basedir="..\abc\temp" update="true"/>  
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