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However my school's computer lab put python together, astLib is not a module it contains. I want to install it in/through my home directory. Im very unfamiliar with the use of unix commands.(all I know how to do is change directory, and open python.) I have a website that tries to explain how to do it, but i dont know what to type into my directory, and i dont know how to do the second step which is to add something into .bashrc. Ive seen one stackoverflow question, in which the user had a similar problem, but was told to ask an admin. The lab's admin is no longer on the faculty, and they are looking into a replacement sometime in the next year.

Here is the link: http://astlib.sourceforge.net/?q=install0.3

I am very new to programing, so the instructions on that link were unclear to me. My question is, what do i have to type into my command prompt, and how do i add the code shown in the link to .bashrc?

Edit: Ok, so now I learned how to go into the .bashrc file, and I copy/paste the line of code into there. I ran the command throught the command prompt, but i get an error message

error: package directory 'astLib' does not exist

Did I put the downloaded file in the wrong directory? (im pretty sure its in my home directory) Did I put the .bashrc code in the wrong place?(i just put it on the bottom of the code)

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If you want to install astLib as system module, I recomend that you install it by pip install way

If you don't want to, you should install virtualenv, create you own environment and then install it there.
Maybe this link helps you to install virtualenv: Comprehensive beginner's virtualenv tutorial?

Edit: I've re-read the question and you have only the virtualenv's option

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