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I am using a Library that has a class of type GanttChartDataGrid. For this question I am just concerned with the Datagrid. Currently, I used this code to acheive single click to edit in the grid. Single Click to Edit Code.

This works great, but the issue is, since my textboxes are in edit mode, they are exposed and you can see them. Making the datagrid look ugly here is a picture:

The cells under "Task" are all exposing their textboxes. In the next picture, I would like the cells to behave like how duration is. It shows it like a label within the grid and if it is not selected, once it becomes selected it displays the textbox.

I would like it to display the underlying textbox only when that row is selected.


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I figured out my question.

I was databinding to Textboxes, I changed those to textblocks and now it works great.

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