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im using jquery to make ajax requests. is it possible to detect if the request is an ajax request or a normal request on the server side? does jquery add any input variables or headers to make this possible?


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jQuery seconds an additional header on the request when it's ajax header called X-Requested-With with a value of XMLHttpRequest. Check for this header on the request.

Alternatively, set any header you want using .ajaxSetup like this:

  headers: {"X-My-Header":"Bob"}
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FYI, jQuery does not set the X-Requested-With header for CORS AJAX requests (see bugs.jquery.com/ticket/8423). It was removed from CORS requests to prevent the browser from sending unnecessary preflighted OPTIONS requests. –  jangosteve Jul 9 '13 at 16:33

If you are using asp.net mvc your controller will have a property IsAjaxRequest simply check for this property

if (IsAjaxRequest) 
   // do your stuff and render ajax view
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I'm not sure that this is actually on the controller is it? I think its an extension method on the request object. i.e Request.IsAjaxRequest() –  Joshua Hayes Nov 3 '11 at 0:39

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