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I've just installed yeoman and generator-angular. everything works like expected, but changes in bower_components/bootstrap-sass-official/vendor/assets/stylesheets/* won't be caught in grunt watch or grunt serve tasks. it's my first contact with bower and yeoman and I hope that this can be solved easily.

bootstrap.scss (imports all bootstrap scss files) is included in app/styles/main.scss witch will be converted to main.css in grunt watch task.

thank you for your help!

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It is simple - just add this files to watch task in Gruntfile.js.

But it is entirely bad idea - you should not edit files under bower_components directory.

This files should be managed using bower, they are not even tracked by git and should not be(by default bower_components are in gitingore for this generator).

If you need to override something: import original scss file, and override what you need.

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thx! didn't recognise, that all values in bootstrap _variables.scss are defined as !default and that I can overwrite them before including bootstrap.scss to my project ;) –  roman Jun 19 at 12:52

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