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As part of my API proxy, I'd like to map a target resource called search to the proxy resource super-search. So if my base url is myproxy/v1.2, and I create the resource super-search, then I'd like the URLs to be modified as below




It seems, from reading the documentation here, and this question, that the way to do this would be to simply modify the URL with a JavaScript call out in the pre-flow of the target endpoint by doing

context.targetRequest.url.replace('/super-search', '/search')

Unfortunately though, the URL doesn't seem to include the resource name, so there's nothing to replace.

Alternatively I can do

context.setVariable('target.copy.pathsuffix', false);
context.targetRequest.url += '/search';

but this seems to drop all my query parameters!

How can I change only the resource name on the target without affecting the other elements of the request?

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Try to reset the target URL in Target Pre-flow using a Javascript call-out -

context.setVariable("target.url",context.getVariable("target.url").replace('/super-search', '/search'));
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Thanks @Sudhee, but this doesn't work because the target.url does not include the resource name. In this case, the target.url is myproxy/v1.2 so the replace does nothing –  Tadhg Jun 16 '14 at 14:17
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OK - well I got it working, but it's a nasty hack. It bypasses all the nice logic Apigee surely has to ensure that target URL is written correctly, and I just write it myself in JavaScript

// Disable copying super-search into the output
context.setVariable('target.copy.pathsuffix', false);

//Build the target url manually: root + /search? + params list
var url = context.getVariable('target.url') + "/search?" + context.getVariable('request.querystring');

//Write the target URL back
context.setVariable('target.url', url);

There should be a better way of doing it than this - if you know what it is, please post!

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