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sorry at this time for my bad english :(

i hope someone can help me. I have a Problem with my Tiles.

You can see the ... in the Infotext for my Tile "Ui Elemente".


How can i add a String in this Infotext above 2 Lines? \n doesn't work.

This is my Javascript Code for a Tile. I declare all Tiles in a JSON Model.

                                        {   id : "idModelTile6",
                                            title : "Ui Elemente",
                                            info: "\n Weitere Ui Elemente",
                                            type : sap.m.StandardTileType.None
                                            //numberUnit: "positions"

Hope some can help me.


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you tried to just add an \ and press enter? –  Manuel Richarz Jun 13 '14 at 9:30
doesnt work :( . In Chrome i get more Lines in an developed App or in Simulator not :( –  user3620515 Jun 13 '14 at 11:30

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Make your own CustomTile and add as many text lines as you like.

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