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Does .NET support SMTP authentication via OAuth protocol? Basically, I would like to be able to send emails on users' behalves using OAuth access tokens. However, I couldn't find a support for this in the .NET framework.

Google provides some samples for this in other environments but not .NET.

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System.Net.Mail does not support OAuth or OAuth2. However, you can use MailKit's (note: only supports OAuth2) SmtpClient to send messages as long as you have the user's OAuth access token (MailKit does not have code that will fetch the OAuth token, but it can use it if you have it).

using (var client = new SmtpClient ()) {
    var credentials = new NetworkCredential (usersLoginName, usersOAuthToken);

    // Note: if the server requires SSL-on-connect, use the "smtps"
    // protocol instead
    var uri = new Uri ("smtp://smtp.gmail.com:587");

    using (var cancel = new CancellationTokenSource ()) {
        client.Connect (uri, cancel.Token);

        client.Authenticate (credentials, cancel.Token);

        client.Send (message, cancel.Token);
        client.Disconnect (true, cancel.Token);
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Sir, this library saved my day and worked like a charm! Thanks for sharing. –  user3288287 Jun 13 at 19:26
No prob, glad it worked out for you! –  jstedfast Jun 13 at 19:52
@jstedfast: Perfect. Can you tell me how to add attachments with the email using mailkit? –  Jitendra Pancholi Sep 18 at 12:07
I've got some documentation here that explains how: github.com/jstedfast/MimeKit/blob/master/component/… –  jstedfast Sep 23 at 21:58
@jstedfast: I've tried this code and receive an error on the line: client.Authenticate (credentials, cancel.Token); Error is: Authentication Failed I'm using OAuth 2.0 and already have my token. I assume the "usersLoginName" variable should be the email address that was used when creating the token. I also assume NetworkCredential is a System.Net.NetworkCredential. The intellisense for the 2nd parameter of a NetworkCredential is "password". FYI - When I input the gmail password in that variable, it works - but thats not OAuth obviously. –  JeffT Oct 3 at 0:00

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