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I want to add an 'enclosure' custom field to an existing Wordpress post using Python & XML-RPC.

My code looks like this:

def add_enclosure(server, post_id, enclosure):
    post_data = server.metaWeblog.getPost(post_id, username, password)
    custom_fields = post_data['custom_fields']
    new_id = max([int(field['id']) for field in custom_fields]) + 1

    custom_fields.append({'id': "%s" % (new_id), 'key': 'enclosure', \
                            'value': "%s\n%s\n%s" % \
                            (enclosure['url'], enclosure['length'], enclosure['type'])})
    server.metaWeblog.editPost(post_id, username, password, \
                                {'custom_fields': custom_fields})

But I get the following error:

xmlrpclib.Fault: <Fault 500: 'Sorry, your entry could not be edited. Something wrong happened.'>

What am I doing wrong?

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Custom fields are a set of key/value pairs that look like:

"custom_fields" = (
        {key = city; value = Sacramento; },
        {key = city; value = Sandy; }

Try fetching post data with metaWeblog.getPost for a post that already has custom fields and you'll see what they look like.

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