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How do i pass float number as an argument in rake task

desc "example rake"
task :to_store_number, [:number1, :number2] do |t, args|
  a = "#{args[:number1].to_f}" * "#{args[:number2].to_f}"
  puts a

Which gives error "TypeError: no implicit conversion of String into Integer"

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Where was the error raised? Which line? You code works fine here. –  Alex Shaw Jun 13 at 6:00
@ArieShaw, I just gave sample code, #{args[:number].class} returns string, how to pass float number in rake not string? –  M.R Jun 13 at 6:03
You can't. Command line arguments are always passed in as String. You need to parse them to your desired format manually (args[:number].to_f). –  Alex Shaw Jun 13 at 6:16
@ArieShaw - Passing args[:number] not "#{args[:number]}", fixed it –  M.R Jun 13 at 6:22

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Passing arguments like args[:number] and not as "#{args[:number]}" fixed it

desc "example rake"
task :to_store_number, [:number1, :number2] do |t, args|
  a = args[:number1].to_f * args[:number2].to_f
  puts a
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