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I am a newbie at python and I am working on a personal project of mine. The project includes grabbing data through LDAP, which returns JSON data. Sample of data:

{'status': ['Active'], 
'co': ['India'], 
'cn': ['abcd'], 
'msDS-UserAccountDisabled': ['FALSE'], 
'departmentNumber': ['122839'],
'objectClass': ['top', 'person', 'organizationalPerson', 'user', 'inetOrgPerson',    `'ciscoperson'], 'userPrincipalName': ['surahuja'], 'publishpager': ['n'],` 

Let's say that the content of the data is something like

 'directreportees' : ['2345','1234','6789']

Right now,the search filter is something like

for item in directreportees:
   search_filter = "(employeenumber=" + item +")"

I need to put the search filter in a form where I can specify that the no of direct reportees > 0. Is it possible through search filters ? or do I have no option but to grab data and perform test on it ?

Secondly, I need to search the department too. For eg, I need to check if the JSON value such as A.B.NOS. C contains a specific sequence such as NOS. Can I provide this check in the search filter too ?

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"The project includes grabbing data through LDAP, which returns JSON data." which LDAP is this? Are you sure you are not confusing string representation of the response (which is in LDIF format) with JSON? –  Burhan Khalid Jun 22 '14 at 12:41
@BurhanKhalid, I have placed a sample of the data. Is it JSON or LDIF,since I seem to be confused here. –  surya Jun 22 '14 at 13:25

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