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I am trying to install the Baking Console on MacOSX. (first time user of MAC)

I opened my Terminal and hit nano .profile then added the following lines. I am using Mamp for my Stack.

export PATH="/Application/Mamp/htdocs/mink7/lib/Cake/Console:$PATH"
export PATH="/Applications/bin/php5/bin/:$PATH"

Now i navigated to the /Application/Mamp/htdocs/mink7/app and when i hit cake i get the following error

-bash: cake: command not found
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Don't put cake in PATH

It's not necessary and can cause complications. Such as coffeescript's cli also being named cake (and that is expected to be in the path).

The recommended way to use the cli is to execute the app-specific cli like so:

$ cd /Application/Mamp/htdocs/mink7/app
$ Console/cake
Welcome to CakePHP v2.5.1 Console
App : app
Path: /Application/Mamp/htdocs/mink7/app
Current Paths:
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this doesnt need to me change path for every app. is that the reason? –  Harsha M V Jun 13 at 8:07
@HarshaMV it's one reason, the main reason is that it-just-works®. For example I haven't had cake in my path for at least 3 years and I develop almost-exclusively with CakePHP. –  AD7six Jun 13 at 9:31

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