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Is it possible to mock method that retrieves pointer (or reference) as argument and change pointed object?

I use turtle library - -> A C++ mock object library for Boost. (I know it is not popular library but it can be similar in other libraries).

For example: I need to mock method as:

int f(int* x)
    *x = new_value;
    return 0;

Next SUT uses x value in code :(

In expactations I can set what my mock returns. But how about to modified argument?

How to do that?

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Replace // *x is modified (object pointed by x is modified) with *x = new_value; –  Mohit Jain Jun 13 '14 at 6:57
This is method in SUT (System under test). I need to simulate behavior of this method in my test (in expectation). –  peter55555 Jun 13 '14 at 7:06

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Take a look at calls and returns actions:

You can create a helper function in your test that modifies x as you want. Pass x to that function.

int function( int* x )
    *x = whatever;
    return 0;

MOCK_EXPECT(mock->f).calls( &function );

Hope this helps.

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Fake-It is a simple mocking framework for C++. It supports both GCC and MS Visual C++. Here is how you stub a method and change the pointed object with FakeIt:

struct SomeClass {
    virtual int foo(int * x) = 0;

Mock<SomeClass> mock;
When(Method(mock,foo)).AlwaysDo([](int * x) { (*x)++; return 0;});
SomeClass &obj = mock.get();

int num = 0;
ASSERT_EQUAL(0,; // foo should return 0;
ASSERT_EQUAL(1, num);           // num should be 1 after one call to foo; 
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Thank you for your answer but it's not similar library to turtle. I cannot use other library. Expectation in turtle looks like: MOCK_EXPECT(SomeClass.x) .once() .with(&someValue) .returns(0); –  peter55555 Jun 14 '14 at 7:45

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