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I've finaly decided to fix the twitches with Eclipse dark color theme. I am using Moonrise theme and I couldn't find any options to fix them via Preferences->General->Appearance->Colors and Fonts.

The first annoying twitch is with content assist window, where I can not see which entry is chosen. There is slightly different background for selected entry, but it's barely visible:

enter image description here

The second problem is with the menu entries color which is black when selected, making it really hard to read:

enter image description here

Have anyone tried to solve this problems and how?

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You might want to look at Eclipse Luna (4.4) which is now on Release Candidate 4 and will be released this month. Luna has a built in dark theme. –  greg-449 Jun 13 at 7:04
Actually, this is LPCXpresso IDE for embedded development, built on top of Eclipse, so I can't just use the latest Eclipse. –  Primož 'c0dehunter' Kralj Jun 13 at 7:29

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