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I would like to be able to drop to the python REPL from the debugger -- if this is not possible is there an easier way to evaluate python expressions in the context of the current breakpoint other than manually adding them all as watch expressions?

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I don't use pydev, but to drop to python's interactive REPL from code:

import code

To drop to python's debugger from code:

import pdb

Finally, to run a interactive REPL after running some code, you can use python's -i switch:

python -i script.py

That will give you a python prompt after the code, even if it throws an exception.

You may be able to hook some of those solutions into pydev, I think.

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There is a dedicated Pydev Console available by clicking on the "New console" dropdown in the console view.

See http://pydev.sourceforge.net/console.html

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As Dag Høidahl said, the PyDev Console is actually the best option (at least on Eclipse Indigo), no need to hack around.

Just go to Open Console: Open Console

Then select PyDev Console:

PyDev Console

If you need to add specific parameters (for example, Jython tends to miss the python.os VM property), you can change them under Window -> Properties -> PyDev -> Interactive Console. enter image description here

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