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I'm new to Git. Let's say Alice and Bob had been developing their project by using two Git repositories for each. And, Alice at certain times want to set up a new repository to manage their common progress. Do you think what is the best way to replace remote.origin.url in the configuration of Git?

  • to replace by git config --replace
  • to create new repos by git clone MAIN_REPOS
  • or any?
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In this situation, I usually edit .git/config by hand. – Greg Bacon Mar 10 '10 at 19:58
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If they already have a remote called origin but want the new remote to be called origin then the most logical thing to do is rename or remove the existing remote called origin and add a new one:

git remote rename origin old_origin

git remote add origin url://new/url.git

If you don't care about the old origin you can just reset the URL, but you would probably want to do a full git fetch and a git remote prune origin afterwards for tidiness.

git config remote.origin.url url://new/url.git

If you have a very recent git (>1.7.0), you have a remote sub command for this:

git remote set-url origin url://new/url.git
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Hi Charles, Thank you for the giving me a concise resolution. That's very helpful. – suzukimilanpaak Mar 13 '10 at 23:29

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