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I would like to plot gps data to get how often I've been in one place. Therefore I've got two vectors of the longitude and latitude data and a matrix where columns are indicated by latitude and rows are indiciated by rows. The cells of the matrix are filled with the count of how often the combination of latitude and longitude appears (mainly the diagonal is filled with counts, the remaining matrix is filled with 0). When I'm now trying to plot the matrix with the correct scale, I get the left plot, but I'd like to get the right one.

enter image description here

Here's my code how I'm trying to plot:

[x, y]=meshgrid(lati, longi);
surf(y, x, combinations);



Thank you for your engagement.

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Have a look at the help file for hist3. There's an example using pcolor and then setting z-height which would probably be good for your example. –  nkjt Jun 13 at 9:02

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