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File name is 1.jpg and i have to copy this file 800 times into path 'F:\copiedimages' how it can be done in matlab.Same file should be copied 800 times into given path.

source code i tried:

for i=1:800
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With different names each time? –  Dan Jun 13 at 9:55
@Dan ya with different names. –  prashanth Jun 13 at 9:58
And what is the pattern of the names? 1.jpg, 2.jpg etc etc or 1_copy_1.jpg, 1_copy_2.jpg? –  Dan Jun 13 at 10:04
@Dan Only single file 1.jpg and it is replicated 800 times –  prashanth Jun 13 at 10:27
@prshanth, yes and what will these new 800 files be called??? If try my solution I think you'll find that it does indeed copy 1 file into 800 new copies... –  Dan Jun 13 at 11:15

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You need to give your files new names. I'll go with the pattern 1 Copy (i).jpg which you build up using string concatenation:

for i=1:800
    copyfile('1.jpg',['F:\copiedimages\1 Copy (', num2str(i), ').jpg']);
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