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i basically have a schedule for employees. it is a simple excel table with name and start time with the current time in cell "E1"

Name1    09:00
Name2    10:00
Name3    11:00
Name4    12:00
Name5    13:00
Name6    14:00
Name7    15:00
Name8    16:00
Name9    17:00
Name10   18:00

I would like to return whose shift it is based upon the current time.

For example if the current time is 09:59 the return value should be "Name1". Not Name2 as this is closest (the way my current formula works).

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this should work:


NOW()-TODAY() gets the current date, MATCH find the row of the first value that is smaller or equal than the value and index returns the name in the corresponding row.

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I don't understand why you have 0.5/24. If 09:59 is the time now, your formula returns Name2. – Jerry Jun 13 '14 at 10:37
oh i misunderstood the question. – Siphor Jun 13 '14 at 11:05

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