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I don't like to mix markup and busines logic into my own Helper. Can I separate these to several files? I like how it is done in the Yii's Widgets. Can I do it analogously?

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Per the documentation: Helpers are component-like classes for the presentation layer of your application. Your question seems naive to talk about business logic and presentation being mixed. Wouldn't you also follow the mantra: fat model, skinny controller which puts your business logic as far away from the view as possible? –  AgRizzo Jun 13 at 11:33
I've mistaken about the business logic. I meant the logic of preparation the interface elements to view. I create helper for my menu. I need set some flags to menu item according to specified conditions. I want to analyze these conditions into the helper and return a rendered markup according to result. I want to storage the markup into a separate file. –  walter Jun 13 at 12:38

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