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I have a problem how to show value of array in CGridView? I have this code in /user/admin.php

    'filter'=>array('0'=>'Kepala Subdirektorat','1'=>'Kepala Seksi','2'=>'Staf'),

I have set 'value'=>$data->value

but it shows the index of array, ex. '1'. I wanted to show the value of array, ex. 'Staf'.

So, how to show its value? Anybody can help me fix this? Thanks a lot

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What result are you expecting by setting a array to the value? – Kunal Dethe Jun 13 '14 at 11:17
I expect the value of array not the index of array. I have set $data->jabatan to fix prior error – gultomicro Jun 13 '14 at 11:18
As the array seems to be hard-coded and not being fetched from some database table, create a static function in that model and pass the $data->jabatan to it. Eg: 'value' => MODEL_NAME::staticFuncName($data->jabatan) and return the required value from that function. – Kunal Dethe Jun 13 '14 at 11:21
thanks @KunalDethe, I have tried by myself and found a problem solved – gultomicro Jun 13 '14 at 11:30

Oh thanks a lot to @Kunal Dethe for his advice, I've solved it

I just create a function on model User.php

public function getNama_jabatan() {
    $listjabatan = array('0'=>'Kepala Subdirektorat', '1'=>'Kepala Seksi', '2'=>'Staf');
    $namajabatan = $listjabatan[$this->jabatan];
    return $namajabatan;

then, I call the function on /user/admin.php 'value'=>'$data->nama_jabatan'

Thanks a lot.....

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In Model Class -

public static function getJabatanName($jabatan == null) {
    $value = '';

    if($jabatan) {
        if($jabatan == 0)
            $value = 'Kepala Subdirektorat';
        elseif($jabatan == 1)
            $value = 'Kepala Seksi';
        elseif($jabatan == 2)
            $value = 'Staf';
    return $value;

And in admin.php -

    'filter'=>array('0'=>'Kepala Subdirektorat','1'=>'Kepala Seksi','2'=>'Staf'),
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Thanks I do exactly like your codes..... – gultomicro Jun 13 '14 at 11:31

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