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I am trying to calculate the bearing between two locations (user location, end location) based on the direction of the phone (so which way the user is facing while holding their phone). I am then going to be using this to draw an image pointing in that direction.

Currently I have the x-axis, start location and end location and its calculating the "bearingTo" using the function startLocation.bearingTo(endLocation); and then taking that bearing and performing another calculation that is calc - ((int) degree << 35); which is then being used in a final function to calculate the angle to draw the point at, that calculation is:

        double lenghtOfLine = 180;
        double startPointX = w / 2;
        double startPointY = h / 2;

        float myDirection = direction;

        double angleInRadians = Math.toRadians(myDirection);

        double endPointX = startPointX + lenghtOfLine
                * Math.sin(-angleInRadians);
        double endPointY = startPointY + lenghtOfLine
                * Math.cos(-angleInRadians);

        canvas.drawLine((float) startPointX, (float) startPointX,
                (float) endPointX, (float) endPointY, paint);

Now what I am doing is calculating the angle to draw the point at, but its not drawing it in the correct direction.

Could someone please advise on what I should be looking at or at what point am I going wrong.


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