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Using maven-scala-plugin I can run Scala console with all dependencies as:

mvn scala:console

However, what I get is much more poor REPL than Scala's own one (the one you get when run scala without arguments). E.g. it misses auto-completion and history, arrow keys just print their code (instead of moving cursor), etc.

Is it known issue or just a misconfiguration in my setup? If first, what are alternatives to scala:console (i.e. REPL with all dependencies and compiled code)?

Plugin configuration in my pom.xml:

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Worth actually making the UP an answer and accepting it. +1 for bringing the answer back! –  Sean Vieira Jun 13 at 12:15
@SeanVieira: thanks, just moved solution to answers. Will mark it as accepted in 2 days. –  ffriend Jun 13 at 13:00

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the version org.scala-tools:maven-scala-plugin:2.x of the plugin is deprecated/dead (due to EOL of scala-tools.org, maven3 convention,...).



(Note : I'm the author of both plugins).

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Works like a charm! Thanks for the answer and plugin! –  ffriend Jun 13 at 13:38

It's interesting how asking questions on SO makes you think in another direction and find answers yourself. It turns out I missed error message on REPL start:

Failed to created JLineReader: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scala/tools/jline/console/completer/Completer Falling back to SimpleReader.

Which quickly leads to solution - one just needs to add JLine to dependency list:

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