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I am using jquery datatable inside a bootsrap modalpopup. While clicking an icon in a row in Grid, the modalpopup will be opened and the jquery datatable will be displaying inside the popup with the setting which i applied. But when i click on the another icon(which is in another row in Grid), the jquery datatable in the modalpopup applies all settings which i specified, except scroll settings. Please check the screenshots and code below. How to fix this issue?

With Scrollbar:

with scrollbar

Without scrollbar:

enter image description here


 $(function () {
            "sScrollY": "15vh",
            "bPaginate": false,
            "bScrollCollapse": true,
            "bAutoWidth": false,
            "bSort": false,
            "bFilter": false,
            'bLengthChange': false,
            "iDisplayLength": 4,
            "aaSorting": [],
            "aoColumns": [
                { sWidth: '15%' },
                { sWidth: '9%' },
                { sWidth: '19%' },
                { sWidth: '6%' }


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Looks fine to me, scroll is only applied when necessary. –  ZenCodr Jun 14 '14 at 5:14
@ZenCodr : No. Scroll is not displaying even for more than 4 records in the Grid. Actually scroll related element('<div id='scrollTableElement'/>') not rendering in Grid after first time loading. –  RGR Jun 16 '14 at 4:50

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