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I am trying to authorize users depending on the type of the users(i.e. student,admin,staff), and here is the code which I have written in AppController.php .

public function isAuthorized($user = null) {
    // Any registered user can access public functions
    if (empty($this->request->params['admin']) && empty($this->request->params["staff"])) {
        return true;
        return (bool)($user["type"]==="staff" || $user["type"]==="admin");
    // Only admins can access admin functions
    if (isset($this->request->params['admin'])) {
        return (bool)($user['type'] === 'admin');
    // Default deny
    return false;

After the login as "student", I typed localhost/kit-web/admin in the address bar in order to make sure that "student" has no access right to admin pages. But strangely, the webpage was redirected to localhost/kit-web/kit-web. And this caused missing Kit-webController.php error. If any user has an access right to a certain page, then everything is working fine.

I am guessing that one possible reason is I have installed CakePHP using composer, so the directory configuration is different from the unzipped one. However, I have configured the location of ROOT, CAKE_CORE_INCLUDE_PATH, APP_DIR, following the cakephp tutorial.
Does anyone have any idea what is going wrong?

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I have solved the problem by myself. Reading the core source files of CakePHP, I realized that if the field "unauthorizedRedirect" is not specified, AuthComponent redirects to "/{app directory}" (i.e. $this->redirect("/{app directory}") by default. $this->redirect("/{app directory}") does not redirect the page to "/" because {app directory} is regarded as controller name. I am not sure whether this is bug or not. But I hope this helps if anyone is struggling with the same problem.

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