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is it possible to create a mixed English/Italian items menu? I must create an Italian section on an English website.

I have created a link on the main menu to access to the Italian section (link4). All the others links are neutral or English:


  • link1(neutral)
  • link2(en)
  • link3(en)
  • link4(it)
    • link5(it)

The language detection is currently URL based (abc.it/it for Italian and abc.it for English). When I click on link4 or link5, I see the Italian pages correctly. Then if I click on link1, 2 or 3, the website remain in Italian and the URL changes in abc.it/it/link1 and obviously doesn't find the node (that is abc.it/link1).

How can I solve this? Should I use a domain detection? Should I disable the double languages and use a neutral language for all contents? Keep in mind that the Italian section has 2 kinds of content: translations from the English and new contents.

Thank you.

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I've had the same problem and never managed to figure out a way to get it to work 'automagically'. So I basically duplicated the menu for each language (in my case English and Dutch). For sake of simplicity, assume that all nodes > 10 are translations of the nodes < 10, so node 11 is the translation of node 1.

So my main menu looks something like this:

  • Home (en) -> node/1
    • News (en) -> node/2
    • About us (en) -> node/3
    • Some topic (en) -> node/4
  • Start (nl) -> node/11
    • Nieuws (nl) -> node/12
    • Over ons (nl) -> node/13
    • Onderwerp (nl) -> node/14

Note that I always have the language in the url: mydomain.nl/en/some-url and mydomain.nl/nl/translated-url

When the visitor switches language, the menu switches too.

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I did the same for another website, but I don't need to translate the English links. That is the problem. Basically I don't need the language detection. –  LeoT Jun 19 at 11:54
In that case, I'm sorry I can't provide any help. I can only confirm your findings: there is no 'automagic' change of language. –  hepabolu Jun 19 at 21:11

The only way I found to have a mixed menu is to disable translations and create individual content for each language.

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