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I'm looking for a solution to know if a archive tar is empty or invalid in one line command.

I got this :

tar tf archive.tar | grep -vc "/$"

return 1, either empty or invalid

tar tf archive.tar | wc -l ;

return 0, either empty or invalid

How to get different return if empty or invalid (in one line command if possible) ?

EDIT : The goal is to count the number of files in the tar in the same time by the way ^^

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You might need to define what you mean by "empty" or "invalid". An empty (0 bytes) file can be detected via shell constructs without consulting tar: if [[ ! -s archive.tar ]]; .... Also, not every tar file will contain file names with path separators (/) in them... –  twalberg Jun 13 at 16:21

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