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There's a code written in javascript I have to re-use/modify and there's a line I don't understand:

var source, data = [];        
for (var id in this.target.target.layerSources) {
    source = this.target.target.layerSources[id];
    data.push([id, source.title || id, source.url]); //I don't understand this line

I looked it up but I don't find any example/explanation.

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What happens when you run it? –  Henrik Jun 13 at 14:19
It's a null coalescing operator. Here's an explanation –  Patrick Read Jun 13 at 14:19

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You are almost right, it means if source.title is falsy, it will take the variable id instead.

Falsy values are :

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Ohhh alright. I assumed "id, source.title" and "id, source.url" were the two sides of the OR but it's just source.title and id. It makes so much more sense. Thanks mate. –  Michael De Keyser Jun 13 at 14:21

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