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I'm new to Groovy and Grails. The Spock test for the domain object to test persist fails due to the empty string being converted to null. Here is the code. The domain object,

class Todo {

    String name
    Date createdDate
    String priority
    String status

    static constraints = {
        priority blank: true


The Spock specification,

class TodoSpec extends Specification {

    void "test persist"() {
        new Todo(name: 't1', createdDate: new Date(), priority: "1", status: 'ok').save()
        new Todo(name: 't2', createdDate: new Date(), priority: '', status: 'ok').save()

        Todo.list().size() == 2


The result of grails test-app is

Todo.list().size() == 2
     |      |      |
     |      1      false
     [collab.todo.Todo : 1]
        at collab.todo.TodoSpec.test persist(TodoSpec.groovy:18)

I found the empty string '' in the line new Todo(name: 't2', createdDate: new Date(), priority: '', status: 'ok') is converted to null by debugging. After google a while, I see there is a feature in Grails converting the empty strings from the web form to null to persist, which can be disabled by a configuration grails.databinding.convertEmptyStringsToNull = false in the Config.groovy. But I don't think this is the case for Spock UT. I've tried but it doesn't work as I thought.

I was wondering why the empty string is converted to null as a parameter passing to the constructor? Thanks in advance.

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It is a little hinky right now, but can be made to work pretty easily. The following test passes with Grails 2.3.9...

A domain class:

// grails-app/domain/com/demo/Person.groovy
package com.demo

class Person {
    String title


// grails-app/conf/Config.groovy
grails.databinding.convertEmptyStringsToNull = false

// ...

A unit test:

// test/unit/com/demo/PersonSpec.groovy
package com.demo

import grails.test.mixin.TestFor
import spock.lang.Specification

class PersonSpec extends Specification {

    void "test empty string conversion"() {
        def p = new Person(title: '')

        p.title == ''

The key is applying the ContollerUnitTestMixin to the test case, even though it isn't really testing a controller. See https://jira.grails.org/browse/GRAILS-11136.

I hope that helps.

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Yes, the test passes after add @TestMixin(grails.test.mixin.web.ControllerUnitTestMixin). –  user3737977 Jun 13 '14 at 17:20

The conversion of empty strings to null is a feature of Grails databinding, so this will happen wherever databinding is used. One such place is when calling the constructor of a domain class with a map argument. If you don't want the string to be converted to null, try this:

new Todo().priority = ''
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