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Is it possible to convert a neural net into a single precision network. My attempt converting all weights into single precision using:


did not work. Any suggestions here how to do this?

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Okay since nobody had a clue here is what I did so far:

function [ fi_net ] = conv2single( net, w , f )
%CONV2SINGLE Convert weights, biases of neural net to single precision
%   We are using fi objects,

% create fixed_point net, copy of the given net

fi_net = net;

% extract weights and bias from net
% convert to signed fixed point object of wordlength w, fraction length f


% write converted data back to fixedpoint net



With this function the approximation error of a fixed point implementation of the net can be roughly estimated. If someone has a bette solutions to this, please let me know!

Cheers, Mick

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