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I have created class sort of wizard, first step - action is to save folder and second is to save contract in that folder. Contract needs folder id so flder needs to be saved first. So im trying to create sort class transaction that wold look like this :

<?php defined('SYSPATH') OR die('No direct access allowed.');

class Controller_Antechamber_Wizard extends Controller {

    private $db;

    public function before()
        $this->db = Database::instance();

   public function action_folder() 

        // ops assigning data to folder
        // folder save get info from model
        // redirect to form contract with data from folder 

   public function action_contract()
       // get data from form contract and save


But in between first and second action transaction is reseting so folder does not save, i cold do some not elegant operations on flags in db, but I'm wonder is there is a elegant wat to set transaction for whole class ?

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If the user's browser is making two separate calls, one to each action, then there is no way to save the transaction across two calls. That is because PHP ends the session after the first call is done, without having completed the transaction, so the transaction is automatically rolled back. You should be using a variation on the "two-phase commit" pattern instead. –  Moshe Katz Jun 22 at 4:12

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