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Is there a simpler way to deploy/publish silverlight & wcf projects from localhost enviroment to a IIS server?

I have a web project with a self host wcf service which my silverlight application references. When I work locally I set the reference address to htt://localhost:8080/MyService.svc -and when I want to put it on the IIS server, I reference its address htt:///MyService.svc everything works which is good. -and in fact, I event put a clientaccesspolicy file on root of the site too just incase i need to do a test connect from my desktop/laptop.

Its getting a bit tiresome, having to change it each time. Surely this is quite a common thing? Is there a setting somewhere that allows me to swap configuartions when deploying/publishing? -similar to that of the (Debug / Release) solution configuration.

Any thoughts, pointers or recommended practices would be highly appreciated.


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Ahh I've answer my own question.. for those looking to do something similar -try the following...… (also have a look at the comments section -as Matt Watson has a good suggestion also) – Peter St Angelo Mar 11 '10 at 9:21
this is the other link ...… – Peter St Angelo Mar 11 '10 at 13:24

If you will deploy it to the IIS: why don't you just use the host of visual studio creating a not self hosted wcf service? new project --> WCF --> WCF Service Application.

In the other hand, for managing environments dependent configs I like this thing:

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