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I would like to specify numbered sections via Pandoc's support for YAML front matter. I know that the flag for the command-line usage is --number-sections, but something like

title: Test
number-sections: true

doesn't produce the desired result. I know that I am close because you can do this with the geometry package (e.g. geometry: margin=2cm). I wish there was a definitive guide on how Pandoc YAML front matter handling. For example, the following is very useful (avoids templates), but its discoverability is low:

 - \usepackage{some latex package}
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In orderto turn on numbered-sections in latrex output you need to use numbersections in your YAML block. If you ever want to "discover" things like this with pandoc just poke around the templates:

 $ grep -i number default.latex
 $ grep -i number default.html*

As you can see this option does not work with html.

Markdown and YAML I tested with:

 title: Test
 numbersections: true

 # blah

 Text is here.

 ## Double Blah

 Twice the text is here

If you need it to work with more than beamer,latex,context,opendoc you will need to file a bug at github.

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