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What I want to do is "Once I login to webpage, I want to show related user name and role (eg Silvia As Admin)"

    <div class="collapse navbar-collapse">
                <div class="simplenav">
                    <form action="login.jsp">
                        <div id="Logdiv">
                            <button type="button" id="btnLogout" value="Logout"> Logout </button>
                            <button type="button" id="btnLogin" value="Login"> Login </button>

    if(data.status == 200){
      $("${requestScope.users.empName} As ${requestScope.users.role}").prependTo($("#Logdiv"));
      alert("Invalid Login Id and Password.");

This part doesn't work .... $("${requestScope.users.empName} As ${requestScope.users.role}")

If I put "hi" instead of that, it works well...

In my servlet is ....request.setAttribute("users", emgr.Find(Integer.parseInt(userid)));

I'm struggling with that ... Thank you...

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Your selector is a little off. You want to create an element and prepend it to your Logdiv - but you aren't creating the element.

.done(function(data){ if(data.status == 200){ $("#myModal").modal('toggle'); $("#btnLogin").hide(); $("#btnLogout").show(); var el = '<div>' + requestScope.users.empName + ' As ' + requestScope.users.role + '</div>'; //this creates your element with the user info in it $(el).prependTo($("#Logdiv")); } else alert("Invalid Login Id and Password."); })

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