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I'm trying to make application in Matlab which will take user input as string, convert it to mathematical function and plot it.

Problem is, I don't know how to convert string to math function. This is what I have tried:

f = get(handles.edit1, 'string');
func = str2func(f);

So if user inputs sin(x) it should be ploted.

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normally you need to specify the values at which you plot the function if that's not an issue then I would replace plot with ezplot

also assuming the function takes only one variable

f = get(handles.edit1, 'string');
a = strfind(f,'(')-1;
func = str2func(f(1:a));

if you need a range of values to plot the function at i would use fplot instead

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Thanks for mentioning ezplot. After studying docs for ezplot I found out I can solve my problem like this: f = get(handles.edit1, 'string'); ezplot(f). Thanks –  Alen Jun 13 '14 at 17:35

Use eval

f = get(handles.edit1, 'string');
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I solved my problem by using ezplot:

f = get(handles.edit1, 'string');

This code can plot any y(x) function.

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