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Target: I am using "dnd" and "html_data" plugin to drag and drop nodes. In order to save the new order in the database, I need to know the ID and the new parent ID of the moved node.

Issue: I can't seem to get to the actual ID of the moving node. When I try these


I get the id's in jx_y format, which is the id generated by jstree (that I can see in the output source structure). I want the real "id" and "rel" of the node. These "id" and "rel" are passed to li element while I create the tree structure from the database. eg:

<li id='from db row[id]' rel='again from db row[parent id]'>node title</li>
....children continues.....

I have tried result obj, but it is giving me "undefined error

data.rslt.obj.attr("rel") or data.rslt.obj.attr("id")

In firebug I can see the object using


which displays the detail information about the nodes. this may help me, but am not sure how to actually access that or display that in alert or for debugging purposes.

new_instance -> model -> data -> li_attr

Question: I just want to be able to get the real ID of the node and its new parent ID so that I can use ajax to update the info in the database. These ID would be the one(retrieved from my mysql db) which I fed to the tree while creating it.

I am using html_data after the road block I encountered using JSON plugin to implement jstree, see this JSTREE - Issue populating jstree data using mysql and php

Details: Perhaps I was not very clear. Here is the list of my baby steps so far:

1) I am using jstree v 3/php/mysql to create a tree for hierarchcical structure

2) I am using html_data, and dnd plugin of jstree to accomplish this task.

3) The tree structure is being displayed perfect using ul, li format and data being populated through the database.

echo "<li rel='". $row['parent_ID'] . "' id='". $row['ID'] . "'><a>". $row['title']. "</a>"

4) Drag and Drop is working perfect too

5) Now I want the drag and drop persist. For that I need to know the id for the moved node, and its new parent node. The id's and rel are provided to the tree while populating from the database. I just want those id's when I move a node to a new location during my bind operation.

$("#mytree").bind('move_node.jstree', function(e, data) {

    console.log(data) ;

    alert("moving node id " + data.node.id);
    alert("moving node rel " + data.node.rel);
    alert("new parent id " + data.parent);

    // once I get the new parent id, and id of the node, 
    // i will use ajax call to update the database

}) ;

let me know, if my question is still not clear.

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Your description is vary vague. Can you post more of your code? –  Halcyon Jun 13 '14 at 16:22
updated my question with a bit of details –  Nasir Jun 13 '14 at 16:46
So just read data.parent.id? –  Halcyon Jun 13 '14 at 16:47
data.parent gives me jx_y, where x and y is the location of node generated by jstree (I see that from the source code). data.parent.id gives me "undefined". I want the real ID which I passed to the node while I created it. e.g. during my tree creation the node id and rel is passed as: echo "<li rel='". $row_inner['parent_ID'] . "' id='". $row_inner['ID'] . "'><a>". $row_outer['title']. "</a>" –  Nasir Jun 13 '14 at 16:56
I have been able to implement jstree with db interactivity and saving the state in the database. I have used htlml_data plugin, no success with json so far though. At any rate, if anyone wants help going this route, let me know. I can help you create tree structure from db, ability to drag and drop, and persist changes using db. Kudos to the create of JS Tree, extraordinary library !!! –  Nasir Jun 18 '14 at 13:53

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