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I want to retrieve the recently added file from fs.chunks in mongodb. Presently I am using:

mongodump --collection fs.chunks --db xcontent

This does give the recently added file in as dump/xcontent/fs.chunks.bson (where fs.chunks.bson is the retrieved file), but it has a huge size (nearly 56MB while the original file was around 256KB). Is there any efficient way to retrieve the recently added file?

Note: All queries should be on ubuntu terminal

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Are you using any scripting language? gridfs still has a metadata collection with a standard objectid as the primary key. You can use the same method against this collection as you would others to find the latest inserted document, see docs.mongodb.org/manual/reference/gridfs/…. db.files.findOne().sort({_id: -1}) This will give you the latest id inserted into the files collection, now you can grab the actual file, if you need it. –  kwolfe Jun 13 '14 at 18:29
I want to do this via ubuntu terminal only. What should I do for that? –  Rajarshi Sarkar Jun 13 '14 at 18:53

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There is a mongofiles command line utility for working with files stored in GridFS:

$ mongofiles --db xcontent put README
connected to:
added file: { _id: ObjectId('53eb8f189ea8e0b398ca163c'), filename: "README", chunkSize: 261120, uploadDate: new Date(1407946520706), md5: "b942ff0beef2b24602289051e6bc9938", length: 1860 }

$ mongofiles --db xcontent  list
connected to:
README  1860

$ mongofiles --db xcontent get README
connected to:
done write to: README

For MongoDB 2.6, mongofiles is included in the mongodb-org-tools package, which is also installed by the mongodb-org metapackage.

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