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can you do an insert, in a FOR INSERT trigger, to the same table the trigger is on, with data from from a different table, inside the for insert trigger, in sybase ASE 15.7?

i have a FOR INSERT trigger that is triggered by an insert from another table.

i need to read data from a different table using a key value from the inserted table, and insert the new data from the different table, to the table the trigger is on.

i suspect this is causing a loop because it is one insert triggering an insert trigger to fire that itself is trying to do another insert with data from another table.

This could be causing the FOR INSERT trigger to fire again creating the loop.

I don't have access to the sql logs so i can't use them to see anything.

are my suspicions right?

i have tried a cursor and a insert/select to do this and each time the trigger goes to lunch(dinner too) which is why i suspect it is in a loop.

The trigger is a row level trigger.


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