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Using Auth ORM, how can I tell if the old password is correct before changing the password. I have seen code for older versions of Kohana which uses the find_salt method, but this no longer applicable in version 3.3.

Any ideas?

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There is a better way to do this using Validation class:

if($post = $this->request->post()) {
    $user = Auth::instance()->get_user();

    $validation = Validation::factory($post)
        ->rule('old_password', array(Auth::instance(), 'check_password'));

    // Rules for password (model rules applies after hash)
    $extra_rules = Validation::factory($post)
        ->rule('password', 'not_empty')
        ->rule('password', 'min_length', array(':value', 8))
        ->rule('password', 'matches', array(':validation', 'password', 'password_confirm'));

    try {
        if(!$validation->check()) {
            throw new ORM_Validation_Exception('password', $validation);
        $user->password = $post['password'];
    }catch(ORM_Validation_Exception $e){
        // Handle errors
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Use the hash() method to hash the password string, after compare with the stored one.

$auth = Auth::instance();
$user = ORM::factory('user')
    ->where('username', '=', 'User')

if ($auth->hash($_POST['password']) == $user->password)
    // Passwords match, change here.
    // Passwords not match.
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Perfect, thanks – Mark Aroni Jun 20 '14 at 10:39

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