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I have webserver A with a cron job, this cron job retrieves data from webserver B periodically. (planning for HTTP based or ajax requests but open to suggestions).

However i need it in such a way that server B only allows this HTTP / ajax access to originate from server A and not any other server or random persons web browser.

How can i make sure of such a thing? What is the safest method? What technology can should i use ? What method can there be to ensure on server B and server A is really server A? Should i use some sort of certificate? Or do i restrict by IP address? etc?

Note i'm using cakephp framework on server B.

Thanks Kevin

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Ajax doesn't make sense at all for this situation. If possible, I would look into solutions that couldn't be done from a web browser. For example, since it sounds like you have control over server A and server B, and if you're talking about retrieving data from server B's database, why not just give server A direct access to server B's database? Definitely restrict this by ip address. –  Kai Jun 13 '14 at 17:08

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