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I have a package and a test package. According to advice from Where do the Python unit tests go?, the tests should be in a different directory. Structure is as follows:


I would like to import the kernel package to the tests package, because that is where and are being tested. Also, I would like to use one import statement in the instead of importing kernel again and again in each test. I tried adding the following to the file in tests and to , (together and separately), with no success (the first does no harm, the second gives a snytax error):

import kernel
import ../kernel

I'm using python2.6. From command line all the above happens. When I use Eclipse PyDev, everything magically works.

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The relative imports you're using will only work if the "project" directory is a python package (i.e. it has an file in it). Try that first and see if that works for you.

If the kernel directory is acting as the "package" that would be distributed then you could put the tests directory inside of that and do the relative imports that way. So it would look like this:


And you would import the kernel modules from the tests directory either as:

from kernel import file1  # if it's installed in the python path/environment


from .. import file1
# 'import ..file1' might work, but I'm not sure that's syntactically correct
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