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I have one scenario i want to prepare dynamic form with dynamic controls(textfield,checkbox,radio etc) in other word I don't know how many input fields there in my form.so for that what database design i should adopt to store dynamic form and their controls as well as the data filled in the form.

I tried many way to achieve this functionality but at the end what i found is i have to adopt some database design
but unfortunately my DB design is poor so i want help for it

All Suggestion Are Warm Welcome.and If any One can't understand what i really want then i am always here to give you proper problem


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be more specific what exactly you need help with? DB representation of dynamic form? presentation/creation of the form? or what? in current state your question is too vague broad and answerable only by guessing ... (at least from my point of view) –  Spektre Nov 8 at 10:06

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