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Consider the following plugin...infrastructure build up omitted for brevity.

protected override void Execute()
    //Not all Targets are of entity so let's check first
    if (Context.InputParameters.Contains("Target") && Context.InputParameters["Target"] is Entity)
        if (Message == EMessage.Create)
           throw new InvalidPluginExecutionException("InCreate");
        else if (Message == EMessage.Update)
            //I don't think this is right way to do this.
            if (PreEntityImage.GetAttributeValue<OptionSetValue>("componentstate").Value == new OptionSetValue(0).Value)
               throw new InvalidPluginExecutionException("UpdatePublishedMessage");
                throw new InvalidPluginExecutionException("UpdateMessageOnly");


This plugin is registered for the Create & Update message on webresource.

So when the webresource is created my plugin fires and branches into the Create message section.

When the webresource is updated I branch into the Update section AND flow right into componentstate == published section!!??

I would have thought any change would have been flagged unpublished until I selected publish or publishall?

Some other details that may be relevant:

The webresource I am working with is a js file. Perhaps this is not the behavior for other webresource types like png?

The steps I am taking in updating the webresource are:

Open Test Solution Open webresource js file Open with text editor Make Edits Click OK---and plugin fires.

Thoughts, tips, edjumakation etc. greatly appreciated

Thank You

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When saved and not published, Crm creates another record in webresources table. So for unpublished resources you have two entries: one record with componentstate = 0 and one with componentstate= 1.

I guess plugin works on the one that have 0 value. You might try query table to check if there's any with value 1 to determine if it's published or not. Or check any there paras passed to plugin.

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