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I work on a Front End Developer Team and we are looking to implement some tools to make version control and SFTP upload a smoother process. We are look for:

  1. Something for Sublime 3 or 2 that will automatically update a branch on github when the file is saved.

  2. Something for Sublime 3 or 2 that will automatically upload to SFTP, primarily a Amazon web server S3 bucket, when a file is saved.

I was hoping there was something maybe that we can add to Node, like an npm, or a package for Sublime. I guess this would be similar to how Stylus JS or SASS can watch files and compile them when they are saved. While I am doing my research I thought I would throw this up here to see if anyone could provide some insight.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. For automating web-related tasks, I usually use Grunt. From a quick look at it, you could use the grunt-github-releaser. You will also need the Grunt package

  2. On Mac OS X I am using SSHFS to edit files on a remote server and you can do the same on Linux. There's also a commercial SFTP package for Sublime Text.

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Idleberg for the win! Thanks for this. We are going to start using Grunt JS and grunt-git –  Max Baldwin Jun 16 at 19:31

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