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Our inhouse Windows 2003 Server hosts our company's SVN repository. I'm looking for a secure method, preferably encryption, for the server-side passwords. Right now, they're stored in clear text. Is there a SVN plugin or method that I can use to achieve this?

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SASL is available in most SVN server binaries available for Windows.

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After I got time to sit down and do some research on SASL I found everything I needed. Thanks. – Matt May 4 '10 at 17:08

Without a doubt the most secure authentication system for SVN is SVN + ssh:// using certificate authentication for SSH. This makes brute force attacks statistically impossible, as an attacker can't use a dictionary.

This also makes MITM attacks more difficult, as you can't intercept a password. Even if you have access to the server you won't have a user's private key, so this takes care of some threats posed by a malicious insider.

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If your company uses Active Directory, that's an option.

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Check the VisualSVN Server. The Enterprise Edition supports Integrated Windows Authentication (Active Directory Single Sign-On) out of the box. NTLM and Negotiate (SPNEGO) (NTLM and Kerberos) are supported via SSPI.

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